Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OTS,Mixed Model

What is mixed-content model ?
A DTD specification that defines an element as containing a mixture of text and one more other elements. The specification must start with #PCDATA, followed by diverse elements, and must end with the “zero-or-more” asterisk symbol (*).

What is method-binding expression ?
A Java Server Faces EL expression that refers to a method of a backing bean. This method performs either event handling, validation, or navigation processing for the UI component whose tag uses the method-binding expression.

What is method permission ?
An authorization rule that determines who is permitted to execute one or more enterprise bean methods.

What is mutual authentication ?
An authentication mechanism employed by two parties for the purpose of proving each other’s identity to one another.

What is namespace ?
A standard that lets you specify a unique label for the set of element names defined by a DTD. A document using that DTD can be included in any other document without having a conflict between element names. The elements defined in your DTD are then uniquely identified so that, for example, the parser can tell when an element should be interpreted according to your DTD rather than using the definition for an element in a different DTD.

What is naming context ?
A set of associations between unique, atomic, people-friendly identifiers and objects.

What is naming environment ?
A mechanism that allows a component to be customized without the need to access or change the component’s source code. A container implements the component’s naming environment and provides it to the component as a JNDI naming context. Each component names and accesses its environment entries using the java:comp/env JNDI context. The environment entries are declaratively specified in the component’s deployment descriptor.

What is normalization ?
The process of removing redundancy by modularizing, as with subroutines, and of removing superfluous differences by reducing them to a common denominator. For example, line endings from different systems are normalized by reducing them to a single new line, and multiple whitespace characters are normalized to one space.

What is North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) ?
A system for classifying business establishments based on the processes they use to produce goods or services.

What is notation ?
A mechanism for defining a data format for a non-XML document referenced as an unparsed entity. This is a holdover from SGML. A newer standard is to use MIME data types and namespaces to prevent naming conflicts.

What is OASIS ?
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. A consortium that drives the development, convergence, and adoption of e-business standards.

What is OMG ?
Object Management Group. A consortium that produces and maintains computer industry specifications for interoperable enterprise applications.

What is one-way messaging ?
A method of transmitting messages without having to block until a response is received.

What is ORB ?
Object request broker. A library that enables CORBA objects to locate and communicate with one another.

What is OS principal ?
A principal native to the operating system on which the J2EE platform is executing.

What is OTS ?
Object Transaction Service. A definition of the interfaces that permit CORBA objects to participate in transactions.

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