Tuesday, June 9, 2009

JSP Elements

What is JMS session ?
A single-threaded context for sending and receiving JMS messages. A JMS session can be nontransacted, locally transacted, or participating in a distributed transaction.

What is JNDI ?
Abbreviate of Java Naming and Directory Interface.

What is JSP ?
Abbreviate of JavaServer Pages.

What is JSP action ?
A JSP element that can act on implicit objects and other server-side objects or can define new scripting variables. Actions follow the XML syntax for elements, with a start tag, a body, and an end tag; if the body is empty it can also use the empty tag syntax. The tag must use a prefix. There are standard and custom actions.

What is JSP container ?
A container that provides the same services as a servlet container and an engine that interprets and processes JSP pages into a servlet.

What is JSP container, distributed ?
A JSP container that can run a Web application that is tagged as distributable and is spread across multiple Java virtual machines that might be running on different hosts.

What is JSP custom action ?
A user-defined action described in a portable manner by a tag library descriptor and imported into a JSP page by a taglib directive. Custom actions are used to encapsulate recurring tasks in writing JSP pages.

What is JSP custom tag ?
A tag that references a JSP custom action.

What is JSP declaration ?
A JSP scripting element that declares methods, variables, or both in a JSP page.

What is JSP directive ?
A JSP element that gives an instruction to the JSP container and is interpreted at translation time.

What is JSP document ?
A JSP page written in XML syntax and subject to the constraints of XML documents.

What is JSP element ?
A portion of a JSP page that is recognized by a JSP translator. An element can be a directive, an action, or a scripting element.

What is JSP expression ?
A scripting element that contains a valid scripting language expression that is evaluated, converted to a String, and placed into the implicit out object.

What is JSP expression language ?
A language used to write expressions that access the properties of JavaBeans components. EL expressions can be used in static text and in any standard or custom tag attribute that can accept an expression.

What is JSP page ?
A text-based document containing static text and JSP elements that describes how to process a request to create a response. A JSP page is translated into and handles requests as a servlet.

What is JSP scripting element ?
A JSP declaration, scriptlet, or expression whose syntax is defined by the JSP specification and whose content is written according to the scripting language used in the JSP page. The JSP specification describes the syntax and semantics for the case where the language page attribute is “java”.

What is JSP scriptlet ?
A JSP scripting element containing any code fragment that is valid in the scripting language used in the JSP page. The JSP specification describes what is a valid scriptlet for the case where the language page attribute is “java”.

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